That's Not How It's Done
bgn 40.00

When Where Participants
01 - 02.04.23 KO-OP 7
11:00 - 18:00 Yanko Sakazov № 17
Sofia, Bulgaria

In the workshop you will explore the "bans" in graphic design and how to transform them into a tool for inspiration and creativity. You will make mistakes at will and with fun by registering your feelings and how they influence the creative process. You will "play in the sandbox" and try to break as many rules as possible to look beyond what you know and into the depths of the unknown. In this way you can create new things and surprise yourselves. The workshop is suitable for graphic designers who want to explore the unconventional possibilities of the profession or simply to have fun without limitations.

The workshop is part of the Know-How Show-How , an educational program on creativity and process design whose methodology provides an alternative space to experiment with different learning models. It explores where and how knowledge transfer can lead to personal creative development, community empowerment, social inclusion and sustainability. Today, the driving force behind KHSH is the collective Dima Stefanova, Ivelina Gadzeva and Filip Boyadzhiev, who will lead the workshop. He is a graphic designer, visual artist and teacher. After more than 10 years of practice in traditional design approaches and teaching at the National Academy of Arts, he understands that in order to develop creatively and personally, we need unconventional solutions and the opportunity for each of us to create our own models rather than following someone else's. This motivates him to keep challenging everyone to find their inner creative potential.

Please note that your place is only reserved at the moment you have already paid for your ticket. This can be done via online payment or on site at the KO-OP art space.