Scrap, Print, Book Workshop
bgn 40.00

When Where Participants
30 - 31.03.23 BELKA Studio for 10
11:00 - 18:00 Sound and Form
Mitropolit Panaret № 9 
Sofia, Bulgaria

The workshop takes place over two days, the result of which will be combined into a final product - a book. During the first day, themed artworks will be created by experimenting with simple techniques of multiple prints, collage, monotype and drawing. On the second day, participants will be introduced to various techniques and hands-on sessions on making a book body. Pages from old magazines, maps, receipts and unused paper will be used for this purpose in both workshops. At the end of the workshops, each participant will walk away with a handmade publication, with unique content.

The workshop will be led by Rosie Eisor, Visual Artist and co-founder of the art collective Blood Becomes Water. Her art practice spans multiple media including textiles, object, illustration and photography. Texts, prints, archival materials, imaginary creatures, rituals and superstitions are all sources of inspiration for her and the subject of her work.

Please note that your place is only reserved at the moment you have already paid for your ticket. This can be done via online payment or on site at the KO-OP art space.