Cuisine (du) Terror
bgn 25.00

When Where  Participants
25.03.23 BOBBINA 20
20:00 - 22:00 Triaditsa Street № 5 
Sofia, Bulgaria

Cuisine (du) Terror, borrowed from a French culinary tradition, defines a cuisine that represents an intimate relationship between the kitchen and the environment.

The project pleads for a recalibration of knowledge: it concerns the question of who/what is cooking and who/what is cooked. The trendy culinary technique "sous-vide" reveals that most types of flesh start cooking at around 50 degree Celsius, a temperature recently observable in several countries in the world. Borrowing this fact, is it possible to conclude that we are being slow-cooked alive in our own environment without even knowing about it? Who is the chef? Who is the butcher? Our relationship with Earth has never been so cruel yet so intimate.

The dinner allows an interplay between food, sound and story-telling, creating a space for multi-sensorial reflections. You will be introduced to this experience by Trang , who is a designer and artist based in The Hague. She is currently sustaining and merging two fields of interest: graphic design and food. Through careful observations of the changes in her surroundings, she sketches out new methods to consume food and to do so in a way that one could engage with the environment and understand its complexities. Trang Hà finished her BA in Graphic Design in 2020 at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, The Netherlands.

The other two hosts of the event will be Alina Papazova and Andreas Poikans. Alina is a visual artist based in Sofia. Since 2020, she has been teaching at New Bulgarian University, where she graduated with a BA in Visual Arts and an MA in Ceramics and Porcelain. Alina works in ceramics and illustration, experimenting with many other artistic media. Her art incorporates mythological elements, symbolically influenced by different cultures, transformed in a humorous way. By placing herself and current social issues in the context of their world, which is diametrically opposed to contemporary life, she creates a process of integrating some of their core teachings into her own culture.

Andrejs Poikāns is a new media and sound artist from Riga, Latvia, currently based in The Hague, Netherlands. He is a graduate of New Media Arts BA programme in Liepaja University (2017-2020), currently continuing his studies as a master’s student in the Institute of Sonology at the Royal Conservatoire The Hague (with a focus on electro-acoustic music composition and sound art). Mostly his works are researched based studies of media histories that attempt to explore alternative narratives of science and technology at their intersection with philosophy and politics. Some of his working methods involve software-based art, net-art, installation art, generative art, creative coding and acousmatic music. Throughout the past 2 years his research has been preoccupied with listening modes and the metaphysics of voice. Inspecting how the voice, which stands on a threshold of subjectivity (both manifesting itself in thought and expression), can tell a history of our relationship with listening, thinking and acting in the world.

The event will be held in English. 

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